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EOS SLS 3D Printing precisely constructs production grade parts by sintering thermoplastic powder with strong laser beams at fine resolution.

EOS SLS 3D Printing Materials

SSelect from our EOS SLS material portfolio for best-in-class quality. EOS SLS materials poses excellent strength, thermal, chemical and biocompatibility properties suitable for a vast range of functional end-use applications. SAVE BIG when you replace traditional moulding, casting or machining parts with EOS SLS materials. Easily scale from 1 to 1,000 parts in days and enjoy excellent economies of scale.

SLS NYLON PA12 | PA2200 Plastic

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Tough, Accurate & Functional

SLS Nylon PA12 or PA2200, is produced by EOS SLS industrial 3D Printing process. This material boasts excellent stiffness and strength when it is thick, while also having the capacity of being flexible when it is sufficiently thinned. With suitable biocompatibility, heat, and chemical resistance, it is ideal for functional end-use applications. With adequate part thickness, it could withstand the most rigorous applications such as repeated drilling, dropping and prolong exposure in outdoor conditions. This material has FDA certifications awarded by OEM and can be used to replace injection moulded parts. We recommend this material for end-use batch production parts to obtain unparalleled toughness and excellent structural characteristics.



Low Grade SLS Nylon PA12EOS SLS Nylon PA12, PA2200 Singapore

Premium, Validated & Consistent

Not all SLS nylon materials are equivalent. Parts being produced by EOS nylon PA2200 / PA12 material have smoother surfaces and contain more define details. This is in contrast to lower grade SLS nylon material which typically produces parts with brittle mechanical characteristics and coarser surfaces. Using EOS nylon PA2200 / PA12 material for the production of end-use parts will result in significantly tougher, stronger and greater heat and chemical resistance than most SLS nylon material. Be assured that our EOS SLS nylon material have passed stringent functionality tests and is uniquely certified for use in the most demanding applications.


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