Large, Smooth & Accurate Parts in Days


Produce High Quality, Smooth Parts in days

Industrial SLA 3D Printing

Highest Resolution 3D Printing Process that cures photo polymer using strong lasers layer by layer. Produce parts with details as fine as 20 micron layer height resolution.

SLA 3D Printing Singapore

Smooth, Accurate & Versatile

Detailed Plastic Opaque

Detailed Plastic using Industrial SLA Process have the ability to create high quality, smooth and accurate parts. Parts produced via this process can be more easily finished and painted to attain end use parts appearance.

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic
SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Finest Detail & Best Accuracy

High Detailed Plastic Opaque

High Detailed Plastic using Industrial SLA Process is one of the highest resolution 3D Printing material and have the ability to produce extremely intricate parts with details as small as 0.1mm. Parts produced using this material is stiffer and better heat resistance than detailed plastic and has layer height as fine as 0.02mm, making it an ideal choice for demanding precision.


The most transparent 3D Printing Material

Transparent Detailed Plastic

Using Industrial SLA Process we can produce parts with transparent properties. This material is extremely useful if you require see through capabilities in your prototype. We offer finishing in transparent and semi transparent.

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic
SLA Rubber TPU Material

Most flexible yet Durable

TPU Rubber Like

One additional benefit of Industrial SLA Process is production of flexible parts. Produce smooth, durable yet flexible TPU rubber like material with the selection of 30A to 90A shore hardness.



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