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Rapid Prototyping Singapore

Utilising various advanced 3D Printing techniques, we are able to assist your rapid prototyping requirements. Whether it is a one off raw 3D Printed iteration to full scale concept prototypes, we are here to help. Easily select from our library of materials, only utilising advanced 3D Printing process, we are able to produce true to design prototypes that truly reflect your design prior to mass production. When we say rapid, we truly mean it, get your prototypes as quickly as 1 business day.


Realistic, Automotive Grade Colouring

Full Colour Concept Prototype

3D Printing not only assist in product iterations by rapid prototyping, it can also lower risk of product business by creating concept prototypes that could be presented and sold to customers as proof of concept before businesses decides to invest in mass manufacturing. At ZELTA 3D, we are able to produce realistic full colour product prototypes at various finishing degree from matte to gloss utilising only premium automotive grade paints.


Presentable, Professional & High Quality

Exhibition Display Prototype

Although 3D Printing has the capabilities to produce complex prototypes, unfinished 3D Printed parts can sometimes still be limited by size or surface which is still not sufficient for a professional product exhibition display. However, at ZELTA 3D, we have the capabilities to post process large complex exhibition prototypes with premium automotive grade finishing. Some common applications are, Robotics, Product, Engineering, Architecture exhibition display models.



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