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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printing delivers exceptionally high quality and strong plastic parts by leveraging on precise heat and detailed agent to fuse thermoplastic powder. Tap on this revolutionary 3D Printing technology to witness incredible production speed that enables the manufacturing of thousands of world-class parts within days.

HP MJF 3D Printing Materials

Select from our extensive MJF portfolio of nylon plastic materials for production grade parts with exceptional isotropy. MJF materials are versatile and recommended for a wide range of functional prototyping and demanding end use applications. Leverage on MJF materials for additive manufacturing of end production parts and efficiently scale up to thousands of quantities with excellent economies of scale.

HP MJF 3D Printing Service Singapore
MJF 3D Printing Singapore

MJF Nylon PA12 Plastic

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Strong & High Quality

MJF Nylon PA12 is manufactured by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. This particular material is renowned for producing strong, durable and functional parts due to its unparalleled strength and heat resistant properties. It is certified for biocompatibility, FDA skin contact and IP rated water tightness. Coupled with its professional surface quality, this material posed an excellent cost saving alternative to traditionally injection moulded and casted machined parts. Often compared with EOS Nylon PA2200, both materials have comparable characteristics that could be suitable for users depending on the specific use cases. Given that this material has a black core, we recommend users to select MJF Nylon PA12 if the preference is to have a more scratch resistant dark coloured part. Conversely, EOS Nylon PA2200 may be a more ideal choice if lighter coloured parts are desired.



SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Flexible, Compressible & Tough

MJF TPU 90A is manufactured by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. This particular material is capable of producing flexible yet durable functional parts. It is certified for FDA skin contact and is highly recommended to be used for parts requiring good elasticity such as shoe soles, grippers, enclosures and shock absorbers.


Functional Applications

MJF 3D Printing Enclosure Singapore

Product Enclosure

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MJF 3D Printing Functional Parts

Functional Parts

MJF 3D Printing Fixtures


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Batch Production

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