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MultI Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printing delivers high quality and strong plastic parts by fusing thermoplastic powder using precise heat and detailed agent. Leverage on this revolutionary 3D Printing technology with exceptional production speed and manufacture thousands of world class parts within days.

HP MJF 3D Printing Materials

Select from our MJF portfolio of nylon plastic materials for production grade parts with excellent isotropy. MJF materials are versatile and suitable for a wide range of functional prototyping and demanding end use applications. Use MJF materials for additive manufacturing of end production parts and easily scale up to thousands of quantities with excellent economies of scale.

HP MJF 3D Printing Service Singapore
MJF 3D Printing Singapore

MJF Nylon PA12 Plastic

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Strong & High Quality

MJF Nylon PA12 is manufactured by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. This material is known for producing strong, durable, functional parts due to its exceptional strength and heat resistance properties. It is certified for biocompatibility, FDA skin contact and IP rated water tightness. Along with its professional surface quality, this material is an excellent cost saving alternative to traditionally injection moulded and casted machined parts. Often compared with EOS Nylon PA2200, both materials have comparable characteristics which can be interchanged and could work well for different use cases. Since this material has a black core, It is recommended for users to select MJF Nylon PA12 for a more scratch resistant dark coloured parts and EOS Nylon PA2200 for light coloured parts.


Functional Applications

MJF 3D Printing Enclosure Singapore

Product Enclosure

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MJF 3D Printing Functional Parts

Functional Parts

MJF 3D Printing Fixtures


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Batch Production

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