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Production Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) produces engineering grade plastic parts by extruding molten thermoplastic layer by layer in a highly controlled environment. Unlike desktop FDM process, Production FDM produces certified engineering grade thermoplastic such as ABS M30, PC, PC-ABS, ULTEM and PEKK, which are suitable for a wide array of industrial applications.

Production FDM 3D Printing Materials

Select from our extensive Production FDM portfolio of stiff, tough, flame retardant, chemical resistance, ESD and engineering grade thermoplastic materials which are are well suited for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing of large production parts.

Ultem FDM 3D Printing Singapore


Stiff & Rigid


High Impact


Ultra Stiff

ULTEM 9085

Flame Retardant


Chemical Resistant

Production FDM Plastic

SLA 3D Printing Detailed Plastic

Engineering Grade & Extensive

Our Production FDM thermoplastics are produced by Production FDM 3D Printing process. It has stiff, strong, tough, flame retardant, chemical resistance and ESD material properties. Some of our Production FDM materials includes ABS M30, ABS ESD7, PC, PC ABS, NYLON CF, ULTEM and PEKK. These materials are especially suited for industrial application due to its durability and high quality parts for end use. For service request in our Production FDM materials, please approach our sales team directly.


Industrial Quality

Standard FDM 3D Printing SingaporeProduction FDM 3D Printing Singapore


All FDM manufactured parts will have visible 3D Print layer lines and support marks right after production. Unlike common desktop grade FDM materials, Production FDM materials have much more consistent layer adhesion due to its highly controlled production environment and the utilization of dissolvable supports on overhang regions. This leads to significantly stronger overall mechanical properties and repeatability than standard desktop grade FDM, thus making it an excellent choice for industrial application.


Functional Applications

ABS M30 FDM 3D Printing Singapore

Product Enclosure

PEKK FDM 3D Printing Singapore

Jigs & Fixtures

ABS M30 3D Printing Singapore

Functional Parts

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